[ W h e r e a m I?]
is all of this just a dream? am I even real?
it seems like everything I do, doesn't change anything about who I am. it doesn't change what happened to her, and all the other people. everything is hopeless. Nothing matters. It will always stay like this. why am I like this. why? it's hopeless. I should just end myself. I have no one. nothing is real. I don't know what's real anymore. it's my fault. everything that happened. without me everyone would be in a better place rn. who is "everyone"? I don't know.

who even am I?

You wake up.
You stare at the screen of your laptop, "Omoriboy". Everything is still the same, you still haven't left your room for the last four years, and you're still writing your blog to cope and forget the things that happened.
What happened?
You can't remember.
You don't want to remember
You get out of your bed and look trough the window. It's raining, but you can see Kelseys dog, Kevin playing outside in the mud.
You close the curtains again to prevent getting seen.
you sit down at your desk to use your laptop
You start writing stuff to your blog
then suddenly fall asleep again
I'm back. I'm still figuring out what to do, but at least I'm feeling comfortable here in Whitespace.